Wilsonart, Radiance Unveil Solar Installation


In an effort to reach its sustainability goals, Wilsonart partnered with Radiance Solar, Solectria Renewables, Cantsink and Duke Energy to install a solar energy system.  The project, unveiled last week, will cut carbon dioxide emissions by more than 900 tons per year, reduce mono-nitrogen oxide emissions by more than 11,000 lbs. per year and reduce sulfur oxide emissions by 2,564 lbs. per year.

Tim O’Brien, President and CEO of Wilsonart, stated, “As a mature, reliable technology, solar energy helps us meet three objectives: update our infrastructure to maintain our competitiveness in the global economy; protect the health and beauty of the environments where we do business; and save on our energy costs for the next 20 to 30 years…The Fletcher solar project, as well as the recycling of all materials within the plant, speak to the effort our employees have made toward meeting our sustainability goals and ensuring we are supporting our environment on a local and regional level.” Indeed, solar installations have helped many companies meet their sustainability goals, as we have reported here.

James Marlow, CEO of Radiance Solar, states, “It’s programs like Duke Energy Progress’ Net Metering Program and state incentives like the state of NC tax credit that help stimulate new markets and create opportunities for new technologies to become cost competitive with traditional fossil fuels like coal and natural gas.”

The system consists of 2,916 roof panels generating approximately 1.25 megawatt-hours of renewable energy – enough to provide electricity for more than 100 homes for a year – and offset electricity purchased for Wilsonart’s manufacturing processes.