Whole Foods Market Gets Its Largest Solar Installation in Texas


Suniva announces it’s powering a new Whole Foods Market in Austin, Texas. The 186kW is the largest solar installation in Texas for Whole Foods Market.

Solar PV manufacturer Suniva, Inc. announced yesterday that it’s powering Whole Foods Market in Austin, Texas.

The new store features a 186kW array consisting of Suniva’s high-powered OPTimus modules, making it the largest solar installation in Texas for Whole Foods Market. Austin-based Freedom Solar Power designed and installed the array, complete with a highly visible roof-mounted solar awning. An innovative in-lobby monitoring system allows Whole Foods to make the system an engaging educational element for their customers. The solar modules, and the balance of system components, were provided to Freedom Solar Power through Gexpro, a Suniva strategic distribution partner.


“We are proud to be the manufacturer of the modules on this flagship commercial building. Not only will the array offer Whole Foods a reduced carbon footprint and electricity bill, but it further strengthens its alternative energy investment strategy,” said Matt Card, vice president global sales and marketing of Suniva. “The highly visible array will surely attract the customer’s eye. We encourage the customers to take advantage of the monitoring system in the market’s lobby, which shows the energy savings in real-time — something we can all appreciate.”


“The unique system we created for Whole Foods allowed us to fully utilize the building’s roof space and maximize array capacity,” said Bret Biggart, managing director, Freedom Solar Power. “The company’s willingness to be creative let us design a system that will meet its 2015 goal of reducing the building’s energy consumption by 25% per square foot.”


This is not the first solar system for Whole Foods, which has been putting solar systems on its stores for years, including one earlier this year at a Brooklyn location. “Whole Foods Market is thrilled to set the environmental bar even higher by pioneering the development and deployment of alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power,” said Lee Matecko, global vice president of construction and store development, Whole Foods Market. “We are also reducing energy consumption in new and existing stores with some exciting innovative technologies that are making a real difference.”