Walmart Installs Solar Canopy at Portland Store


Walmart has been installing solar on its stores and distribution centers throughout the United States. Its plan is to actually double the amount of solar on its stores by 2020, with the end goal being to produce or procure 7 billion kWh of renewable energy.

Walmart has been placing panels on more than just rooftops though. On its Portland, Oregon store, Walmart has used Lumos LSX frameless solar panels to create a custom solar canopy, which will demonstrate how aesthetically pleasing solar can be.

Used to shade and protect bicycles, the solar canopy was a collaborative effort of Lumos, Duo-Gard, and Synchro Solar. Duo-Gard designed, fabricated, and installed the canopy structure. To highlight Walmart’s renewable energy efforts, Synchro Solar was brought in to install solar on the structure. To meet the architectural requirements of the project, Duo-Gard and Synchro Solar reached out to Lumos for their LSX frameless module system.

Because LSX is a frameless module, the array nicely met the aesthetic requirements of Portland’s Walmart. In addition, LSX arrays can be easily weatherproofed, keeping guests and their bicycles dry when unexpected weather decides to descend on the area.

“Walmart’s use of LSX in this structure demonstrates their commitment to providing a positive experience for their guests while achieving their renewable energy goals at the same time. Walmart’s commitment to renewable energy is impressive and something we should all strive for,” says Lumos CEO/President, Scott Franklin.

Walmart installed their first U.S. on-site solar project in 2005. Since then, they have added over 335 renewable energy projects across their global portfolio. Today, when combined with renewable electricity from the grid, 24.2% of Walmart’s electricity needs on a global scale are supplied from renewable sources. This makes Walmart, the largest retailer in the world, also the largest commercial solar energy user in the world.