Viridian Donates First Solar Installation through Sun Plus One Program


Viridian Energy is a company with heart. Their Sun Plus One program provides one solar power system to a family in need for every fifteen residential installations. 

In partnership with GRID Alternatives, Viridian has completed their first U.S. Sun Plus One system for a family in Port Chester, New York. Volunteers from Viridian’s corporate team, including Viridian CEO and Founder Michael Fallquist, worked with professionals from GRID Alternatives to install the solar energy system.

“Last winter I waited as long as possible to turn on my heat because I was cutting corners to lower my energy bills,” said Homeowner Zenaida Beltran. “I never considered solar but then a trusted friend explained how it could benefit me. Now, I’m looking forward to my new solar system taking the stress out of high energy bills. Every little bit counts. And I’m grateful to GRID and Viridian for making it possible.”

Viridian Energy also hosts cleanups, tree plantings and donation drives in its local markets. To date, Viridian has logged over 8,000 domestic volunteer hours and collected over 66,000 pounds of trash.

“Giving back to our local communities through hands-on volunteer work has been core to Viridian’s mission since the company was founded in 2009,” said Cami Boehme, Chief Strategy Officer, Viridian Energy. “I know our more than 20,000 Independent Viridian Associates join me in our deep commitment to making responsible energy affordable for more consumers nationwide. And we’re pleased to roll-up our sleeves for this family and broaden the positive, collective impact of all Viridian customers.”

As Viridian completes more installations, more families will benefit from the Sun Plus One program.

GRID Alternatives Tri-State Executive Director Kate Shackleford said, “If we are going to have a successful transition to clean energy, we need to include all of our communities. …We’re grateful for Viridian’s support.”

Viridian’s Sun Plus One program assists families around the world. The program also works with organizations around the globe to train women in developing countries as solar engineers. The women can then install solar arrays in their own villages. The company has also completed a major corporate social responsibility project on a different continent each year. These projects have included reforestation in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest and solar power installations on schools, homes and community centers in Ghana, Indonesia, Fiji and Nicaragua.