Top 5 Solar Infographics


Infographics provide an effective way to share information with colleagues and customers. Though it was hard to pick the cream of the crop out of so many good ones out there, we’ve gathered a selection we think captures some of the best. Pass along these top picks that highlight current issues in the industry.



Best big picture infographic


Our team at remind us how PV solar technology can bypass the dirty and eons-long process of harnessing the sun’s energy through fossil fuels. Homes don’t need to be powered by dinosaurs! 





Best subsidies infographic


The graphic is a few years old, but it’s an eye-catching illustration. Watch this blog for a closer look at this important issue, coming soon. You can also check out Oil Change International and the latest Mother Jones for recent reporting on subsidies. 



Source: Environmental Law Institute 


Best policy infographic


Utilities may emphasize the downsides of net metering, but these numbers, published by Crossborder Energy for the Vote Solar Initiative, show it makes economic sense. While numbers here reflect only the state of California, the situation is similar elsewhere. Check out recent posts on this blog about net metering, including these industry leaders’ take on the recent decision in Arizona. 


Net Metering

Source: Vote Solar Initiative


Best solar industry infographic


The SEIA and GTM Research put together this handy overview of key industry statistics for 2013. 


2013 Market Overview

Source: SEIA, GTM Research


Best public opinion infographic


It’s nice when people agree, isn’t it? Opinions remain positive once people go solar. A recent poll showed that homeowners who already have solar say they are eager to recommend it to their friends and neighbors. 



Source: SEIA