Sunvalley Solar to Bring Savings to California Farm with 676.5 kW Solar System


Sunvalley Solar plans a 676.5 kW solar system for Raven Farms in Selma, California. The system is expected to offset 75% of the facility’s electric bill and to pay for itself in about four years.

Sunvalley Solar, Inc. (SSOL), a turnkey solar provider in the commercial and agricultural industries, has been awarded a new 676.5 kW solar system installation contract for Raven Farms in Selma, California. The farm is joining a big trend in agribusinesses going solar, many in western states.

Mehmet Cercioglu, Director of Business Development of Sunvalley Solar, detailed some reasons it makes sense for agribusinesses to go solar — especiall now:


  • Farmers have high and variable energy needs.

  • Unexpected increases in electricity prices have a costly impact on the bottom line of agribusinesses.

  • With a major drought in California’s, farmers may have to turn to wells to pump water — increasing their electricity demand and their overall cost of doing business.



Cercioglu added, “The new NEMA (Net Energy Metering Aggregated) program, skyrocketing electric bills and low interest rates have created an opportune environment for adopting solar power solutions. Raven Farms, by switching to solar power has effectively removed the variability of cost of goods due to fluctuating energy costs and demands. With NEMA, we are able to build a single central solar power system to offset multiple meters.”


When completed, the system will generate more than 1.1 million kWh of clean energy to offset 75% of the facility’s electric bill. The system is expected to pay for itself in about four years and reduce the plant’s carbon footprint by over 1.6 million pounds of CO2 per year.


Raven Farms is one of many growers, packers, dairies and cold storage facilities throughout the state that Sunvalley Solar has helped go solar since 2007.