SunPower Unveils New 1.16 MW System in California


Six months after SunPower broke ground on a 1.16 MW project in Phelan Pinon Hills Community Services District (PPHCSD), the dedication ceremony was held.

Earlier this week, officials from the city and SunPower were on hand to celebrate the completion of the system. It is certainly something to celebrate. PPHCSD expects the plant to provide 50 percent of its energy needs and save the district $13 million over the life of the system.

“While we could have installed smaller solar power systems at several individual facilities, we decided to install one large system at an underutilized five-acre site that will deliver savings at 43 facilities across our operations,” said Don Bartz, general manager of PPHCSD. “With a single large system, we have been able to capture economies of scale, streamline development, and maximize our savings. We expect to save more than $13 million over the 30-year projected life of the high performance SunPower system.”

SunPower designed and installed a complete solar technology solution at the PPHCSD site, and will provide operations and maintenance on the system.

“Solar is cost-competitive with traditional energy sources today, and is helping fiscally responsible public agencies across the U.S. reduce electricity costs to better serve their constituencies,” said Howard Wenger, SunPower president of business units. “We congratulate PPHCSD for their responsible approach to managing their energy [by] relying on the cost-effective, renewable power of solar.”