SunEdison Purchase of 50 MW of Solar PV Projects Is Largest in Massachusetts History


SunEdison agrees to purchase 50 MW of solar PV projects from BlueWave Capital. The agreement includes 12 projects jointly developed by BlueWave and SunEdison across Massachusetts and represents the largest acquisition of solar assets in the state’s history.

Solar manufacturer and provider SunEdison, Inc. (NYSE: SUNE) and Boston-based solar developer BlueWave Capital, LLC announced a purchase agreement yesterday. SunEdison has agreed to purchase 50 MW of solar PV projects from BlueWave Capital LLC — the largest acquisition of solar assets in Massachusetts history.

The agreement includes 12 projects jointly developed by BlueWave and SunEdison across Massachusetts, many of which are expected to be operational by June 30 of this year and all of which have qualified under the Massachusetts SREC I or SREC II incentive programs. Once operational, the solar systems will be managed by the SunEdison Renewable Operation Center (ROC), which provides global 24/7 asset management, monitoring, and reporting services.


SunEdison and its financing partners will own and operate the projects and will sell the net metering credits generated by the systems to the City of New Bedford, the Towns of Bourne, Palmer, Webster, and Winthrop, several state colleges, and a number of housing authorities.


The electricity cost savings associated with the projects are estimated to total nearly $85 million over the next 20 years. The environmental benefits of the projects are considerable as well. Over the life of the projects the CO2 reductions are expected to be equivalent to taking approximately 150,000 cars off the road, or preserving more than 6, 000 acres of forest.


Massachusetts, already a strong solar state, has been increasing its solar capacity rapidly. “Thanks to Governor Patrick’s leadership Massachusetts has created a thriving clean energy industry sector that will continue to grow and provide economic and environmental benefits to the Commonwealth’s businesses and individuals,” said Department of Energy Resources Commissioner Mark Sylvia. “The solar industry has supported a 148-fold increase in solar capacity in the Commonwealth, growing from 3 megawatts in 2007 to 518 megawatts this month.”


“SunEdison and BlueWave Capital have partnered to lead the rapid development of solar photovoltaic systems  across the Commonwealth, and have collectively been instrumental in helping  to propel Massachusetts to the forefront of US states in terms of installed solar capacity,” said SunEdison’s Managing Director of Sales, Steve Raeder. “SunEdison’s unparalleled financing capabilities coupled with BlueWave’s development expertise have allowed us to fast-track these projects, which in turn has expedited the delivery of environmental and financial benefits to our customers and the communities that are hosting these solar facilities.”


“Getting solar projects developed is not for the faint of heart, but a first-rate team has been able to do two things really well: one, efficiently permit and interconnect  projects at favorable locations, and two, build trust with public officials who understand the benefits of these projects to their communities,” said BlueWave Managing Principal John DeVillars. “We are very proud of our partnership with SunEdison and with a first-rate group of contractors and consultants who have played critical roles in moving this portfolio forward.”