Suncrest Solar to Shine on Northern California, South Carolina and Utah


When the sun shines on you, you grow. That’s what is happening to Suncrest Solar. Last week, the Southern California based residential solar company announced an expansion.

Suncrest Solar is expanding its services into Northern California, South Carolina, and Utah. The company will open nine new offices to support the expansion.

The move comes after a period of explosive growth. In the last several months, Suncrest has seen double digit growth. In fact, sine 2014, the company has expanded over 400 percent.

“Our people are clearly energized by the mission of bringing homeowners a lower-cost electric service alternative with clean, renewable energy. Residential customers in these new markets are hungry for renewable energy, and we look forward to meeting the ready pool of qualified sales candidates in those locations,” said Senior Vice President of Sales Josh Hatch.

Those candidates can partner with Suncrest through its ProAlliance program. This program allows sales companies to partner with Suncrest and expand their reach into the solar market. The company provides custom tools to its sales partners which simplify and automate the sales process.

John Corliss, president of Suncrest Solar said, “We are a world-class solar provider in Southern California and are excited to provide the same services to these new markets.”


Photo Credit: Susanne Nilsson/Moving On