SolarCity Expands Homebuilder Program


The partnership between SolarCity and Tesla is widely known. SolarCity has been offering Tesla’s Powerwall energy storage units to homeowners since the beginning. So it was probably only a matter of time before energy storage was added to SolarCity’s Homebuilder Program as well. That time has come.

This week, SolarCity announced an expansion to their HomeBuilder Program. The program currently works with builders nationwide to provide buyers with the option to include solar without impacting the price of the home. The company then takes care of the solar project.

Now the program is taking orders not only for the solar systems, but also for the storage system. In addition to the Tesla Powerwall battery pack, the storage package also includes an advanced hybrid inverter, monitoring and control systems, and a warranty and service agreement.

California homebuilders and buyers will receive extra perks for going solar. Not only will they receive the solar system and storage package for no additional cost, buyers now will be able to lock in a 20-year fixed solar energy rate, the lowest their utility offers at the time of the sale. The combination of these changes to the Homebuilder Program provide significant savings to the California home buyer.