SolarCity, Everyday Energy, Partner to Bring Affordable Solar to California


Since President Obama launched his solar initiative last summer, several programs have been focused on providing solar to renters and affordable housing residents. Last week SolarCity announced its latest project in this arena. 

The residential solar company has launched a new program to work with affordable housing providers in California. In partnership with Everyday Energy, SolarCity will provide solar to the housing units, and the residents will benefit from the lower utility bills.

This should offer a tremendous financial help to the people living in these residences. According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) utilities are the second largest expense facing most families, after housing.

In California, SolarCity has partnered with developer and advocate EveryDay Energy to implement the program. Everyday Energy will analyze the electricity usage of the housing residents. This information will be used to assist developers in distributing the solar power in a way that maximizes the savings to residents in their individual units based on their unique production and usage data.

Scott Sarem, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Everyday Energy said, “We expect the collaboration between SolarCity and Everyday Energy to make it possible for a broad range of multifamily affordable housing communities to save money on energy costs that can instead be spent on food, healthcare and other critical needs.”