Solar’s Winning Streak at 10-0 with Kansas Net Metering Victory


Team Solar scores another win — this one in Kansas, where the legislature upholds net metering. That brings solar net metering victories to 10, in a continued winning streak.

Solar: 10 – ALEC: 0.

Solar continuted its winning streak this week with the Kansas Legislature maintaining solar net metering through a bill now headed to Governor Brownback’s desk for signature. The Alliance for Solar Choice (TASC) reported that the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and Kansas utilities failed in their attempts to eliminate this core solar policy.

The three investor-owned Kansas utilities, Westar, KCP&L, and Empire, supported Senate Substitute for HB 2101, an ALEC-inspired bill designed to undo net metering. Solar advocates and local industry groups defeated this attack on solar by ensuring that the current version of the bill preserves net metering.  

Out of approximately 900,000 residential and commercial customers in Kansas, only 201 use net metering through rooftop solar or small wind projects. With such a tiny solar market, these powerful utilities thought they would be able to completely eliminate net metering without anyone noticing. Instead, more than 550 customers contacted their senator in support of net metering.

As TASC noted in a statement today, the public will not sit by idly and let rooftop solar and net metering be attacked. This utility failure in Kansas extends the solar industry’s winning streak to 10-0. Let’s keep that trend going!