Welcome to the Future: Solar Marries Home Automation!


Residential solar installation franchiser Solar Universe teams up with California security company GHS Interactive Security for a first of its kind partnership. The companies will provide a comprehensive smart home automation product.


As consumers become accustomed to doing everything from their smartphones and other devices, they’re looking for better ways to monitor and adjust their energy consumption. We’re starting to see more systems that integrate solar and home automation in the move toward the Internet of Things. Earlier this year, Enphase and Nexia announced a new smart home energy monitoring system that offers a single platform for controlling and monitoring products and energy systems throughout the home.

Today, Solar Universe, a solar franchiser, announced a partnership with GHS Interactive Security, LLC, a security and home automation company serving California customers. This first-time collaboration between a solar company and an alarm company merges their respective products into a comprehensive home automation package.

“We are seeing tremendous enthusiasm from consumers when it comes to home automation and smart technology solutions. We wanted to combine forces with Solar Universe because of their impressive business model and commitment to making solar solutions easier to access,” said Steve Baker, CEO of GHS. “Combining the strengths of Solar Universe with our own security and monitoring solutions will offer consumers an unrivaled opportunity to seamlessly automate and manage their homes better.”

Traditionally, solar home products have been strictly outside the home, while security products have remained focused on the interior of the home. By integrating GHS’s two-way voice and cellular monitoring technology, motion sensors, and detectors with Solar Universe panels, consumers can save hours of wasted energy. The partnership will make it easier for consumers to lower home energy costs and smartly manage their homes.

“As energy prices increase, it is becoming more important for consumers to understand how simple it is to make energy-efficient changes to their homes,” said Joe Miller, EVP of Solar Universe. “Through this partnership, we hope to offer one of the easiest ways to safely and cost-effectively bring peace of mind to the home.”

GHS’s current product already provides remote monitoring of thermostats, lights, door locks, and alarm systems. Solar Universe already provides 20 years of remote monitoring with its solar service offerings. The combination of home automation and clean energy in this new complete home automation package will produce an optimal smart home solution, resulting in increased savings.

GHS products are currently available in California, and the company hopes to expand over the next year.