JMC Homes, PetersenDean, and Canadian Solar Lead in Trend for Solar as Standard Feature in New Homes


JMC Homes partners with PetersenDean and Canadian Solar, offering all new homes in its recently opened community in Lincoln, California, with solar as a standard feature. This is the latest in a trend among homebuilders.

JMC Homes recently opened The Executive Series at Lakeside in Lincoln, California. While many new home communities offer solar as an option, JMC, in a partnership with PetersenDean and Canadian Solar (NASDAQ: CSIQ), is offering all new homes with a 1.5kW solar system as a standard feature.

Homebuyers in the community have the opportunity to upgrade to as much as 5 kW on their homes. The estimated annual energy savings for a home with a 5kW system is about $1,700 a year or $85 a month, according to JMC. Tax credits totaling about $2,500 are also available for most homeowners with solar roofing.

Jim Petersen, founder of PetersenDean, commented: “We need to have a better energy policy and a cleaner and healthier way of living so being able to power your house using renewable resources like the sun is one way. Imagine cutting your energy bill in half, while taking advantage of renewable energy sources like the sun. That’s what these programs are all about.”

He added that Lincoln is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Growing numbers of roofs and plenty of sunshine make the city an ideal location for solar-powered homes. “That’s why more and more residents are choosing to get solar panels for their homes. With solar as standard in these homes, the utility bills will be reduced significantly,” said Petersen.

A trend seems to be emerging. Recently, SolarCity also offered solar as a standard feature on Texas homes through partnerships with two Texas homebuilders. Some cities, like Lancaster and Sebastopol in California, are even mandating solar on new construction. As an option for homeowners, it makes sense. Adding solar during construction is at least 20% cheaper than adding it later. For homebuilders and sellers, providing solar gives them a way to differentiate themselves from the mainstream. According to panel manufacturer SunPower, at least six of the ten largest U.S. homebuilders are providing this option.