Solar Leasing Now Available in South Carolina Courtesy of Sunrun


Sunrun has only been in South Carolina since June, but they have already made a splash. With their BrightBuy and BrightAdvantage programs, South Carolina homeowners have had the option to either purchase their system outright or finance it with a loan.

Today Sunrun announced a third option, leasing.

The Sunrun BrightSave solar lease allows homeowners to go solar for little to no money down. Sunrun owns, installs, and maintains the system. The homeowner pays only for the electricity, not the panels.

“After only a couple months in South Carolina, we have already seen a real interest from local residents in going solar,” said Tyson Grinstead, senior manager of public policy at Sunrun. “With the addition of our BrightSave solar lease, which removes the upfront cost of going solar, we hope to make solar even more accessible and affordable for homeowners.”

Sunrun was a pioneer in the solar lease market. The company continues this tradition by offering the first solar lease in the state of South Carolina.

The company has been an leader or early adopter of other tools and technology for solar customers as well. Sunrun’s Brightpath was an industry leader in management of home solar projects through an end-to-end automated software platform.

South Carolina’s Office of the Regulatory Staff (ORS) has demonstrated leadership in bringing solar to the state. Allowing homeowners options such as Sunrun’s BrightSave lease will keep solar moving forward.