Solar Shines on Law Estate Winery


Solar installations have been blossoming at wineries around the country.  The Paso Robles Wine Region vineyards are no exception.

Law Estate Wines is the latest vineyard in the Paso Robles area to go solar.

It is now the proud owner of a 100 kW solar installation. The array is located on a steep slope that is much better suited to harvest sunshine than grapes.

The project was designed by Premier Renewables. With its history of providing solar to the agricultural industry, Premier Renewables was a natural choice for this project.

The project is expected to reduce the vineyard’s energy expenses by around 50 percent, and pay for itself in under 7 years.

Law Estate’s sustainability efforts include more than the solar array. Water conservation efforts include rainwater harvesting, wastewater recycling, and drought tolerant landscaping.  The vineyard also employs energy efficiency efforts such as natural light and temperature control methods. In fact, The 23,800 square foot winery is SIP Certified.

Agribusiness is already dependent, to a certain extent, on the sun for success. Harvesting sunlight is a natural extension of this process.