Solar Is for Cats and Dogs, Too


Solar isn’t just for humans anymore. We’ve seen more than one zoo go solar in recent months. Now, some of our more domesticated furry friends are also enjoying the benefits of solar.

As reported by the Register Star, at the Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA, solar panels are helping the Hudson, New York facility’s cats and dogs by providing savings on power bills.

Those savings can go to help the animals, which is the mission of the Humane Society. And the savings are so far proving to be significant.

Humane_societyThe system was expected to offset the facility’s electricity costs by as much as 60%, Ron Perez, president of the Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA, told the Register Star. The panels seem to be exceeding expectations, at least in this sunny time of year. Perez said, “We’ve had them running for 10 days. If trends continue as we’ve monitored, it is looking like we can offset utility costs by around 80 percent.”

Monolith Solar Associates of Rensselaer installed the solar array at no cost to the Humane Society. Monolith usually provides businesses a solar lease. For nonprofits, they offer a power purchase agreement, which works well for organizations with no tax liability. The Humane Society pays Monolith a monthly fee for the power.

Kitten“We commend (the Humane Society) for their forward-thinking decision to go solar,” said Monolith President and CEO Mark Fobare, in a press release. “Large facilities clearly incur higher energy costs and can reap remarkable savings benefits from solar energy in addition to being more environmentally responsible. The system was designed to produce the needs of their anticipated energy usage. They only pay for the power they use and that cost is 20 percent less than what they would have paid to the utility company.”

And that translates into more funds to help keep the animals healthy and happy.