Solar a Sweet Addition for Sugar Bowl Bakery


Coming from humble beginnings as a local San Francisco bakery, Sugar Bowl Bakery has grown into a nationwide brand, selling to retailers throughout the U.S. Taking advantage of its size, Sugar Bowl Bakery has installed solar modules and electric vehicle charging stations at its Hayward, California facility. The PV system is expected to offset 65% of the facility’s current electricity usage with its estimated 700 MWh of energy production annually.

“We are making progress in the sustainability movement and instilling positive changes that make the company become more efficient, and serve our customers better, all while helping the environment,” said Andrew Ly, CEO. “With the installation of this new system, Sugar Bowl Bakery will significantly decrease its carbon footprint.”

The installation is the largest for a commercial business in Hayward, with 1600 solar modules installed on the roof of the plant. Seventeen hundred MWh are expected to be generated over the 25-year life of the system, offsetting an estimated 12.5 million pounds of CO2. To continue making the company more efficient and to drive corporate social responsibility, Sugar Bowl Bakery will also offer employees the ability to charge their cars with four onsite electric vehicle chargers, which are connected to the system.

“We are excited and proud to be able to provide more eco-friendly driving options to our employees,” said Ly. “This change will hopefully encourage all of the Sugar Bowl Bakery family to think about their personal impact on the environment.”

The system was completed at the end of July and will be fully permitted by late August of 2014. Sugar Bowl Bakery’s decision to incorporate a PV system at its factory will both save the company money and serve as a model for other bakeries to follow.