Solar Goes Western with Namasté


Western apparel company Miller International may have “International” in its name, but it’s solidly rooted in the American West. With headquarters in Denver since 1918, it’s truly a local Colorado company.

It’s also forward-looking. As the company’s website says, Miller International is always keeping a “sharp eye out for emerging trends.” That’s evidenced in the company’s recent decision to go solar.

What better partner in this endeavor than Colorado-based Namasté Solar, a company with a deep connection to the community? The solar provider, now in the final phase of completing Miller’s 499 kW rooftop solar electric system, welcomed the chance to partner with the established Colorado apparel company, and the unique opportunity to bring solar to the world of western apparel.

There was good reason for Miller International to join the trend of businesses going solar. While most businesses appreciate the opportunity to be more environmentally responsible, the bottom line is that they can save money with solar. That was no less true for the western apparel maker.

“Miller International has been a staple of the Colorado business community for decades and really took a hard look at the project economics and Namaste Solar’s credentials before deciding to move forward with the installation. By utilizing SunPower modules – the highest efficiency modules in the market – and taking advantage of Xcel Energy’s solar-specific “Time-Of-Use” rate, Namasté Solar was able to maximize the size of the system and provide a very attractive return on their investment,” said Heath Mackay, Co-Owner and Commercial Project Developer at Namasté Solar.

Over 80% of Miller’s electricity needs will be generated from the solar installation. Miller’s solar electric system, consisting of 1526 high-efficiency solar panels, will provide more than 712,128 kWh of electricity each year and prevent 1,458,438 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions annually – the equivalent of not driving 1,595,263 vehicle miles each year or planting 56,094 trees.

“Like Miller International, Inc., our focus at Namasté Solar is to provide quality products and services to our customers. Our installation on Miller’s Denver facility also serves as a great example that the demand for solar energy isn’t limited by industry. We hope the partnership between Namasté Solar and Miller sparks more conversation about the positive impacts that solar offers businesses from both an environmental and financial standpoint,” Blake Jones, President & CEO, Namasté Solar.

Namasté Solar also has the distinction of coming in at spot 73 out of 100 on OUTSIDE’s Best Places to Work 2014. This is especially significant given that we’re talking any U.S. companies that are great places to work, at least those “for adventurous souls” — not just solar companies.

“We are thrilled to make the list of OUTSIDE’s Best Places to Work for the second year in a row,” said Jones. “As an employee-owned cooperative, we collectively decide what makes a healthy and happy workplace. As part of finding that balance, we don’t just measure profit in terms of dollars, but also in terms of employee morale, our community involvement, our impact on the environment and customer satisfaction. For us, our progressive, flexible, employee-friendly policies are an integral part of our success.”