Solar Jobs Show up in Prominent Career Guidance Tool


With solar jobs on the rise in the U.S., solar starts to be included in career guidance tools. This is another sign of solar’s increasing prominence and its journey to becoming mainstream.

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If you follow industry news, you’re probably already aware that the number of solar jobs is growing across the U.S., and that smart solar policies have led to even more uptake in states that have made the effort.

Another sign that solar is gaining visibility in the energy picture and the overall economy can be seen in the recent inclusion of solar careers in one of the country’s most widely used career guidance tools, Career Key.

This online career test includes twenty new occupations covering all six Holland personality types. The good news is, it now includes solar photovoltaic installer and solar energy installation manager among its career options.

Including solar-related jobs across the fields of engineering, entrepreneurship, and management speaks to the continued and increasing mainstreaming of solar energy in the U.S. market — and the corresponding need to train people to fill jobs in the industry.