Sol Helps Bikers and Pedestrians Enjoy Trails After Sunset with Solar Lighting


Sol installs solar LED lighting along trails in communities around the country. The latest installation is at the Maria Ygnacia Creek Trail in Goleta, California.

Do you like walking or biking? How about LED lights and solar power? Now you may be able to experience all of these at once.

Sol Inc., a Florida-based provider of commercial outdoor LED lighting solutions powered by solar energy, has announced that it recently completed the installation of commercial solar outdoor lights along the Maria Ygnacia Creek Trail, a 3.22-mile path in Goleta, California. The trail is popular with pedestrians in West Santa Barbara and Goleta, as well as with cyclists and bicycle commuters traveling the Pacific Coast route in Santa Barbara County.


The City of Goleta, home to approximately 80 high tech research and development firms, is adjacent to the University of California at Santa Barbara. The trail offers a convenient way for students and commuters to avoid busy streets, as well as the chance to experience the wildlife and birds along the creek.


The solar LED lighting was installed by the County of Santa Barbara along a 1,750-foot portion of the trail. Over 300 solar lights have been installed.


“Tucked away from the main roads, this path is just heaven for the thousands of cyclists, walkers and joggers who travel the bike path each day,” said Matt Dobberteen, Alternative Transportation Manager of the County of Santa Barbara, Department of Public Works. “Solar lights have made it possible for our residents to take full advantage of the bike path day and night in a safe environment.”


“Solar lighting is ideal for outdoor trails because the payback is there from Day 1,” said Dibs Tailor, CEO of Sol. “Unlike traditional commercial outdoor lighting, solar outdoor lighting eliminates the cost of trenching, wiring and other expenses associated with connecting to the grid. Plus there are no electricity bills. Also, the elimination of trenching means that natural landscapes can be preserved.”


Another California city using Sol’s commercial solar outdoor lighting is the City of Visalia, in the San Joaquin Valley approximately 190 miles north of Los Angeles. Visalia recently installed nearly 30 lights along the 3,600-foot Packwood Creek Trail, the city’s third solar lighting project in recent years.


“The Packwood Creek Trail has been a great asset for the city,” said Vaughn Melcher, community development project manager for Visalia. “The location adjacent to the popular Packwood Creek Shopping Center means that it is heavily used, with the addition of solar lights enhancing its utility by promoting its use in the evening hours.”


You don’t have to live in California to enjoy solar lighting on pedestrian or bike paths. Many communities around the country have installed Sol solar lighting, and there are sure to be more to come.