Small-Town Colorado Sees Big Cost Savings with Solar


Solar is being used for nonprofits and government installations throughout the country these days thanks to its cost savings and environmental benefits. Water departments are among the entities going solar. They have the added knowledge that they are conserving water by getting their electricity from solar.

Despite Xcel energy attempting to gain a monopoly on solar in Colorado, towns in the state are still finding ways to go solar. Kersey, a rural Colorado town, is one of those progressive towns. On Friday, October 10, Kersey will be hosting a ribbon-cutting event for its new solar array. The installation will provide 100% of the annual energy needs for the town’s modern sequential batch reactor wastewater treatment plant. The project is the result of cooperation between the developer/builder Bella Energy, The Town of Kersey, and The Atmosphere Conservancy. A third-party financier was introduced by The Atmosphere Conservancy, enabling the town to benefit from zero capital outlay and immediate cost savings.

Through a 20-year solar service agreement, Kersey will host the 143 kW array and purchase the electricity from Kersey Renewable Energy LLC, the owner-operator of the system. This allows Kersey to receive all the annual energy needs for the plant at about 16% less cost than they were paying previously for electricity from the grid.

This is the 13th water treatment solar installation that Bella Energy has performed, making the company an expert in this area. After over two years in development, Bella’s coordination between the parties allowed the installation to be completed within one month of breaking ground. Brett Bloom, Kersey’s Public Works Director, said, “Bella Energy has been great to work with. The project started a couple years ago and I gotta give it to Bella for being persistent. Very professionally done.”

This monumental step forward for Kersey sets a shining fiscal and environmental example for others to follow.