Slingshot and Lycos Show Homeowners the Solar Light


Sometimes it’s all about the numbers. At least, that’s what LYCOS and Slingshot Power are counting on. The internet company and the clean energy company are teaming up to show homeowners the benefits of their solar installations. The partnership aims to bring real-time energy monitoring to your wrist. When the program is released in Q1 2016, Slingshot customers will be able to access detailed usage reports through their LYCOS Life band or ring. These reports will allow users to monitor the energy production and consumption of their homes.

Slingshot’s CEO, Ravi Chiruvolu, said, “Solar now has a breakeven of less than five years and installing increases a home or business property value. These facts are not well known, and so we are teaming with LYCOS to make the transition to clean energy faster and easier.”

The initiative is being touted as a step to bringing the Internet of Things (IOT) to Slingshot, as explained by Brad Cohen, the President and Chief Strategy Officer of LYCOS. “More and more people will rely on the internet as more internet enabled devices are introduced to the market. LYCOS is developing ways to help users connect their internet data with their everyday lives and we will work with Slingshot Power to develop other IoT products that can be tied into their systems to share valuable information about users homes and cars.”

This partnership will be rolling out just as Slingshot Power prepares for a national expansion, which is  great time for the solar company to join the trend of connecting solar with the Internet of Things.