Pricing and Pre-Order Date Announced for SolPad™ Mobile

Is It the Future of Sustainable Personalized Energy?


“SolPad, the world’s first and only truly integrated solar panel, marks a quantum leap in personal power and aims to gamify sustainable energy use for the masses.” Yes, those are big claims from this company that came out of stealth mode with a splash last fall. But it may not be just hype. We have to admit, we agree with David Roberts that SolPad looks particularly cool, and we’re excited to see the products come to market. Here’s their latest press release.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Jan. 10, 2017 – SolPad has announced pricing and pre-order date for its SolPad™ Mobile, the world’s first integrated solar panel with built-in energy storage and an Internet of Energy (IoE) smart home platform. Beginning May 3, 2017, SolPad Mobile can be pre-ordered at, for a special introductory price of $1395.00.  A limited-offer SolPad will include for free the SolControl Solar Smart Plug (valued at $59.95). Additional SolControls are available for an introductory discount price of $39.95. The SolPad Mobile and SolControl units will ship in the second half of 2017.

Hailed as “the coolest energy tech to debut this year” by David Roberts of Vox, SolPad combines solar, battery storage and intelligent IoE software into a single device that gamifies and personalizes energy management, giving the user unprecedented control over their solar power.

SolPad Mobile is a portable power solution that easily integrates into any home environment or that can be taken on-the go for off-grid applications. SolPad’s patented SolControl software allows you to send solar power to specific items, appliances and rooms, and experience total control of your power with an iPhone. It can also choose the best time to use solar or grid power for maximum utility bill savings.

At 25 pounds, SolPad Mobile is the thinnest, lightest and most powerful integrated IoE solar panel device in the world. SolPad Mobiles can easily be linked together to create a revolutionary personal solar micro-grid. Using mesh networks, it can also act as an internet hot spot, enabling campers, RVs, boats, disaster relief agencies and people in the developing world to have AC power for items such as lights and internet, all in one device.

SolPad Mobile can also be integrated into your home or apartment through the SolControl smart plug. Once connected to an AC outlet, SolPad Mobile’s software directs SolPad’s stored solar power to offset the energy of specific household appliances, such as a coffee maker, television, computer or IoT lighting.

SolPad Mobile combines 70 watts of solar generation, 600 Wh battery storage, two fast-charging USB outlets and IoE software with powerful LED lighting, Wi-Fi and a talking UI personality engine. Its two universal AC outlets can output 2000 watts of peak power and 1000 watts continuous.

Pricing and pre-order date are TBA for the SolPad’s other configuration, SolPad Home, a gorgeous rooftop solar panel device that’s like having a smart-energy computer on your roof. Each SolPad Home can generate and store solar or grid power, and provide automatic backup power in case of a blackout.

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About SolPad

With the SolPad series of personal energy products, the mission has always been to disrupt the conventional sustainable energy landscape by delivering the world’s first 100% fully integrated, user-friendly solar energy products that provide the best, most powerful and most cost-effective green energy solutions for the sustainable smart home and off-grid power environments. SolPad’s products are designed to empower consumers, giving them the ability to choose energy reliance on clean power to reduce their carbon footprint. SolPad is headquartered in Mountain View, California. Be the first to find out the latest developments from SolPad at, on Twitter @SolPadEnergy and Instagram @SolPadEnergy. Visit for full product details.

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