PosiGen Earns Louisiana’s Number One Spot on the 2015 Inc. 5000


PosiGen Solar Solutions, the New Orleans based company that works with individuals, families and businesses to reduce expenses through solar, has been recognized for their efforts.  The company has earned the number one spot for Louisiana businesses, and number six for energy companies in the U.S. Additionally it is ranked second among solar companies and 58th overall in the 2015 Inc. 5000, Inc’s list of the 5,000 fastest growing private U.S. companies.

Pretty impressive numbers for any business. But PosiGen isn’t just any business.

Posigen Solar Solutions LOGO“We are a new kind of solar company. Traditionally, residential solar systems were accessible only to the rich, but PosiGen is different. By aspiring to be the Southwest Airlines of the solar industry – well managed and affordable – we have staked a position as the industry’s ‘blue collar solar company,'” said Aaron Dirks, co-founder of PosiGen. “We provide a great product that helps families, and customers are speaking with their pocketbooks when it comes to renewable energy.”

PosiGen is a different kind of solar company in another way as well. They are not solely focused on solar. Recognizing that inefficient buildings use more energy, the company also provides efficiency upgrades to the homes that are receiving the panels. In this way, PosiGen provides a one-stop shop for the two-step process of decreasing the need for energy while at the same time increasing its production.

In an interview with Slate earlier this year, Dirks stated that the company aims to save its customers at least $50 a month in electricity costs, including the cost of the solar lease and efficiency upgrades.

In February the company reached a financing deal with Goldman Sachs, which will allow them to serve even more families and buisinesses.

“We’re proud that PosiGen has led Louisiana in Inc.’s 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies list. PosiGen has developed a comprehensive program that enables low-and moderate-income homeowners to take advantage of renewable energy, an area where Goldman Sachs has a longstanding commitment and a goal to deploy $40 billion of capital globally,” said Margaret Anadu, managing director in the Urban Investment Group at Goldman Sachs. “The energy cost savings generated for these families are incredibly important, allowing greater economic choice in addressing daily household needs. This investment also supports the Urban Investment Group’s focus on job creation as PosiGen will bring new, high-quality jobs to New York, Louisiana, and Connecticut communities.”