An Online Solar Community, Brought to You by eGauge Systems and Generaytor


Personal referrals are key to solar adoption, with roughly half of new residential solar customers being brought in that way. And increasingly, consumers are online. That’s particularly true of women, an important part of the residential solar market.

 So what better way to promote solar than online? With so many of us spending so much time online, it seems natural to increase the rate of solar adoption through online “social proof.”, an online community that helps people go solar, and eGauge Systems, a provider of renewable energy monitoring solutions, have teamed up to make this a reality. eGauge power meter users can join the community and connect their live solar performance data to the Generaytor platform — and Generaytor members can find fellow solar homeowners nearby, celebrate solar achievements, and gain deeper insights than they have from their own data alone.

Members can also invite their friends to try Virtual Solar, Generaytor’s personalized solar energy and financial simulation for people considering solar. There they can get recommendations and advice from solar homeowners in the community. eGauge data helps power the simulations, which update continuously as actual performance data from nearby solar systems flow into the Generaytor platform. Solar installers can invite their customers to join the Generaytor community.

“eGauge is pleased to announce our partnership and integration with Generaytor. Now eGauge users everywhere can benefit from one another’s experience and showcase their success producing solar energy,” said Greg Greenan, Vice President of eGauge Systems LLC.

“eGauge has done a great job in creating a robust tool that functions well and is easily installed and brought on line,” said Paolo Tedone, Vice President of Business Development and Co-founder of Generaytor. “Since reducing energy bills is one of the main reasons to go solar, eGauge’s ability to monitor both solar production and energy consumption is a huge benefit.”

Engaging energy customers online is starting to take off. Opower has been successful in getting consumers interested in energy efficiency and smart meters, and is now looking at getting into community solar as well. We expect to see a lot more activity in this area.