New end-to-end HDPV solution reduces PV system costs up to 20%


ecoSolargy releases end-to-end HDPV solution with HDPV Alliance, reducing costs by up to 20% compared to conventional PV systems.


ecoSolargy has released an end-to-end HDPV solution with the HDPV Alliance, reducing costs by up to 20% compared to conventional PV systems.

PV modules, module-level DC optimizers, an inverter, racking, cabling, and combiner boxes in a turnkey, scalable solution that simplifies the design and purchasing process for system owners. ecoSolargy achieves a lower cost structure by designing systems and selecting products that meet HDPV standards, and by kitting the solution for simplicity and efficiency when designing and deploying systems.

The kit includes KACO new energy’s ‘Smart Module’ inverter with Ampt Mode, along with racking, wiring and combiner boxes that have been engineered to reduce the cost of inverters and balance-of-system (BOS) components and labor up to 50% compared to conventional systems.

The end-to-end solution increases power generation by capturing the full available power of each solar module over the system lifetime, and by putting in place an optimized inverter and cabling design that are more efficient and lower cost.

Alan H. Lee, CEO at ecoSolargy, commented: “ecoSolargy developed this kit with members of the HDPV Alliance to enable its customers easy access to the lowest-cost, highest-performance solution. Since the components are preconfigured to work together the HDPV Kit provides ease of use for project developers, systems integrators and EPCs.”

Kanjorski, Chair of the HDPV Alliance, added: “ecoSolargy is bringing to its customers a first of its kind end-to-end HDPV solution that is uniquely competitive.”