Nevada Solar Debate Moves to Next Phase


It’s all over, including the shouting. TASC and NV Energy have reached a compromise. The amendment to SB 374 has been agreed upon and submitted to the legislature. 

Nevada’s embrace of solar brought the state close to its 3% cap. Solar workers mobilized in fear of losing their livelihoods. Utilities cried that solar customers were being unfairly subsidized by non-solar customers. The outlook was bleak.

The proposed amendment could change all that. It calls for the 3% cap to be defined as 235 MW. This will allow solar to continue being installed. The amount will be revisited in December by the Public Utility Commission, who will design and finalize the future net metering tariff by December 31, 2015.

The debate in Nevada is one that many states are facing as solar continues to grow and net metering impacts the way energy is distributed. California has experienced a similar turn of events with its net metering program.