Mosaic’s Home Solar Loan Now Available Online


By Michelle DiFrangia

Originally published on Solar Power World


Mosaic begins offering its new solar loan to homeowners online. The alternative to leasing is becoming more prominent as homeowners seek ownership of their solar systems.


Two months after the launch of the Mosaic Home Solar Loan in March 2014 with RGS Energy, Mosaic has begun offering its loan to homeowners directly online, where homeowners will soon be able to choose between multiple installers.


The Mosaic Home Solar Loan’s success signifies a trend of homeowners increasingly seeking ownership of their solar systems.


Home solar loan offerings versus a lease:


  • Longer-term Savings – The major benefit of a loan is that at the end of the term, unlike with a lease, you own your solar installation and get free energy for decades longer.

  • Choices with the Tax Credit – Loans like Mosaic’s let you choose what to do with your tax credit. You can use it to pay down your loan early or you can keep it.

  • Increasing the Home’s Resell Value – Lawrence Berkeley labs found that a solar system increases a home’s resell value by $17,000.


Mosaic’s loan offers:


  • High Monthly Savings – Up to a 20-year term on a loan, which allows for the lowest monthly rate of any other home solar loan on the market.

  • Choices without Penalty – You can choose to keep your tax credit or use it to pay down your loan early and get a discount rate for the rest of your loan term. Throughout the loan term, you can always choose to pay your loan off early with no pre-payment penalty.

  • High Increase to Home’s Resell Value – Loan approval as large as $50,000 so you can increase the value of your home through solar ownership for zero-dollars up-front.


Mosaic crafted the loan to maximize these inherent benefits for homeowners; a mission fitting for the company that first offered non-homeowners ways to earn income from solar, says the company.


According to GTM Research, “The number-one emerging trend in residential rooftop solar is the shift from third-party-funded leases and PPAs to solar loans that allow direct ownership.”


Furthermore, Mosaic conducted a survey of over a thousand California homeowners and found that homeowners chose a loan for ownership over a lease for renting with a two-to-one margin.


Interested homeowners can sign up to get a free evaluation here.


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