Meritage Homes and SunPower Join the Solar on New Homes Trend


Meritage Homes and SunPower announce a partnership to bring solar to more homebuyers across the U.S. Under their three-year agreement, the companies will provide energy-efficiency and solar power solutions to thousands of homebuyers.


Hardly a week goes by anymore without a story of solar providers teaming with homebuilders to offer solar on new homes. This makes a lot of sense. Solar increases a home’s value, and it’s easier and cheaper to install it when building the home than to add it later.

Yesterday, SunPower Corp. (NASDAQ: SPWR) announced that it’s teamed with Meritage Homes, the ninth-largest public homebuilder in the United States, to bring solar to more homebuyers. The companies have entered into a three-year agreement to offer high-efficiency SunPower solar power systems at Meritage Homes communities nationwide. The companies will provide comprehensive energy-efficiency and solar power solutions to thousands of homebuyers.


“With the cost of solar power lower than ever, homeowners who choose solar-powered homes receive compelling annual savings on electricity,” said Meritage Homes Vice President of Environmental Affairs C.R. Herro. “By partnering with SunPower, the industry’s most experienced provider of solar technology to new home communities, Meritage Homes provides customers the most reliable and efficient solar technology available, enabling customers to create value the moment they take ownership of their new home.”


“Increasingly, homebuyers understand the return on investment that a high quality, energy efficient, solar-powered new home delivers,” said SunPower CEO Tom Werner. “We’re very proud to partner with Meritage Homes, which has made yet another exemplary commitment to its customers and to the communities it serves through this national agreement.”


SunPower will offer its solar technology at approximately 200 Meritage Homes communities nationwide, beginning in California,Texas, and North Carolina. SunPower will also work with Meritage Homes sales personnel and Meritage homebuyers to provide training, marketing, and education on the unique opportunity this partnership offers.


We hope this trend continues. As solar power becomes not only an option but, in some cases, a standard feature for new homes, it will be well on its way to being mainstream.




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