How the Solarize Program Helps Increase Residential Solar Adoption


Solarize has been a very successful program in multiple communities in Connecticut and beyond. As Solarize Brookfield heads into its final six weeks, the program is hosting its last workshop on August 25 at Brookfield Town Hall. Its goal is to give residents a chance to learn about the benefits of going solar, and how they can save money through this town sponsored program. Ross Solar Group, the town’s official Solarize installer, will talk about how solar works, how it helps homeowners reduce utility bills, and how financing options allow homeowners to install solar with little or no money down.

Solarize is a unique program offered by CEFIA in partnership with SmartPower that increases residential solar through a proven formula. It leverages group discounts through a pre-selected installer to reduce the cost of solar. It relies on the community to provide outreach, and education to create awareness and build interest. Finally, it promotes a clear end date that motivates residents to act. Solarize Brookfield’s program ends on Tuesday, September 30. Homeowners must sign a contract by then to participate in the discounts offered through the program.

“This is a very exciting opportunity for Brookfield,” said Marcia Wilkins, Chair of the Town’s Energy Committee. “We’ve had very positive response by residents, and already over twelve homeowners have signed contracts with Ross Solar to put solar on their homes. We’re confident a whole lot more will be taking advantage of the program before the deadline ends.”