Happy 40th, SEIA!


The solar trade organization celebrates its 40th anniversary with its “Shout Out for Solar Day” social media rally, and looks at the exciting developments expected for solar in 2014. 


On January 24, 2014, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) turns 40. And to mark the anniversary, SEIA is launching a national Shout Out for Solar Day social media event. So consider taking a minute and participating, to show your pride for an amazing clean energy resource!


SEIA’s first president Sheldon Butt joked in 1974, “Shouldn’t we have an industry before we can have an industry association?” PV solar was then a technology for orbiting satellites, powering small electronic devices, and providing power in remote applications like oil rigs. Even as some homeowners began going solar, it was a luxury only a few could afford. 


But SEIA has seen the industry grow and grow. Based in the nation’s capitol, SEIA promotes solar through advocacy, research, industry networking, and public relations. One of its biggest victories was the creation of the 30% federal investment tax credit in 2005, now extended through 2016. 


The outlook for the solar industry is exciting. Currently there is about 13 GW of solar installed in the U.S., with the solar industry supporting some 120,000 jobs. And there are several strong opportunities for growth into the future, including solar securitization, more effective marketing channels, energy storage, and community solar arrays. 


SEIA has several state and regional chapters as well, including CALSEIA in California, COSEAI in Colorado, and TENNESEIA in Tennessee.


More than 1,000 companies are SEIA members.