Gurudwara Sahib Commissions One of the Largest Solar Installations at a Sikh Temple


The Sikh Temple Gurudwara Sahib announces an 82 kW rooftop system that will cut carbon emissions at the facility by approximately 50%. The installation is using bifacial panels, produced by Sunpreme, to maximize energy output with the limited roof space.

It seems everyone is realizing the benefits of solar these days, and this has proven true for churches as well. Now, the Gurudwara Sahib Sikh Temple has commissioned a rooftop solar system, which when complete will have the rare distinction of being one of the largest on a Sikh temple. Sunpreme Inc., a U.S.-based solar PV company that designs and manufactures its own cells and panels, will be installing the 82 kW system. The system is expected to generate 150,000 kWh of electricity annually.

Sunpreme is using a bifacial solar panel called the Maxima GxB280, a 60 cell, 280 W product that is UL and IEC certified. These tempered double glass, frameless panels need no grounding, are very easy to install, and provide a unique look for rooftop applications. This will be one of Sunpreme’s largest rooftop installations to date.

“The primary objective in adding a solar system was to enhance our green initiative and significantly reducing yearly utility electricity bills. We selected Sunpreme because of their proven reliable technology, higher efficiency bifacial panels, aesthetics, and their total technical solution. We are delighted to see high quality product design and installation, and consistent energy output performance. As a result we are maximizing our energy cost savings that exceeds our expectations, and able to cut our carbon emissions by 50%. The Gurudwara Sahib is setting a great example,” said Harjeet Singh, who oversees facility operations at the Gurudwara Sahib.

“We are gratified by the successful outcome of this distributed power generation project. It demonstrates Sunpreme’s capability to deliver total integrated PV solutions, with a winning mix of: (a) world’s best module design, (b) an innovative hybrid cell technology platform, and (c) the most cost effective, high performance required for emerging Solar 2.0 applications,” said Dr. Ashok K. Sinha, Chairman and CEO of Sunpreme. “Such Solar 2.0 market applications need a maximum of PV energy production from space constrained flat roof tops; our bifacial n-Si solar cells with 21% efficiency optimally satisfy such unmet needs,” he added.