GRID Alternatives, SunPower Train 40 High School Students in National Education Partnership Kick Off


It’s been a busy week for GRID Alternatives. Yesterday we reported on its partnership with Viridian Energy. Today, GRID Alternatives announced the kick off of their national education partnership with SunPower, the Solar Futures program. 

In June, SunPower committed 1 MW of panels and inverters to GRID Alternatives. This commitment will allow GRID Alternatives to expand the training the company has been providing to high school students in California for the last 5 years.

IMG_9619“Solar can unlock our clean energy future while STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education can open up exciting career paths for our youth. Together, they’re a powerful combination, which is why SunPower actively supports solar education initiatives around the world,” said Bobby Ram, SunPower managing director. “We’re proud to partner with GRID Alternatives on the Solar Futures program to create real change by connecting students to one of America’s fastest-growing industries and helping them strengthen their communities.”

The kick off began with the training of 40 students from five high schools in California’s Inland Empire. The students attended five sessions of classroom education through the Solar Futures program. The installations they completed over the last two days were the culmination of the program.

The students worked with GRID Alternatives to install no-cost rooftop solar systems on four Moreno Valley Habitat for Humanity homes. The projects are expected to save the incoming families an estimated $27,500 each in lifetime electricity costs.

Through the Solar Futures program, the students will be able to connect with solar developers and local workforce development officials and connect with solar industry jobs.

“Combining renewable energy with workforce development is a double win for our communities,” said Bambi Tran, GRID Alternatives Inland Empire regional director. “This educational model has created a brighter future for hundreds of students and homeowners, and we’re thrilled to expand nationally with the help of SunPower.”