San Diego Church Goes Solar to Be Good Planetary Steward — and Save on Power Bills


The First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego selects Stellar Solar to design and install a 73kW solar system.

Stellar Solar has been selected by the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego to design and install a 73kW solar system.

Robie Evans, Director of Operations for the church, played a key role in selecting a solar provider. Evans commented: “Our decision to power our campus with solar was made by the congregation some time ago, and the selection of Stellar Solar was made after meeting with several San Diego solar installers and a lot of research on their history, capabilities, and quality of people on their team.”

“Besides scoring high marks in all of those categories, they were very patient and educated us through this process that stretched out over a year. Along with this being a very smart financial decision for the church, we feel that going solar is an important expression of our spiritual values, which include being good stewards of the planet,” she added.

Stellar Solar will be working with the church to educate the congregation on their home solar potential through workshops. The company will also make a donation to the church for each system installed on a member’s home.

“We thought this was the right thing to do given that this was a decision that was reached by the congregation as a whole,” said Michael Powers, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Stellar Solar. “It makes sense that if people choose to adopt solar power in their place of worship, that we make it as easy as possible for them to install it on their homes. This just happens to be great timing for that to happen with the recent SDG&E rate increase and the very affordable solar financing we have available now.”