Enphase Brings Solar Dream to Life Through GRID Alternatives


By Kaitlyn Lyman

Originally published on Enphase Blog


Enphase employees join GRID Alternatives to install solar for a low-income California family, as part of a long-standing partnership. Enphase has been donating equipment and volunteer hours to GRID since 2010.


Summer is prime time for solar installers all across the country, and nonprofit organization GRID Alternatives is among the many up on the roof. Enphase employees joined GRID for the latest installment in a series of Sebastopol, Calif., homes that have been given a clean energy upgrade.

As part of a long-standing partnership with GRID, a nonprofit dedicated to bringing the benefits of solar energy to communities that would otherwise not have access, Enphase employees team up with GRID installers to put the Enphase System on the homes of low-income families.

Since 2010, Enphase has been involved with GRID, donating equipment and volunteer hours. To date, GRID has installed 1,203 Enphase Systems in communities throughout California, Colorado, New York and New Jersey—saving a combined $25,942,466 in energy costs for those families.

Enphase Systems with GRID

“Volunteering with GRID is a rewarding experience because we get to meet the families that our technology is directly impacting,” said Kristine McFarland, Enphase employee.

Nathan Trainor, a teacher for the Healdsburg School District, is the newest Sebastopol resident to get solar through GRID. Nathan and his son built their home through Burbank Self-Help Housing and are now fulfilling their dream of going solar.


“I’ve been fascinated by solar and sustainable living since I was kid, inspired by my father who also dreamed of going solar back in the 70s,” said Trainor. “Having hip, groovy parents meant we may have been a bit ahead of our time but unfortunately always a dollar shy of making our solar dream a reality. Taking this step toward a more sustainable existence is exciting and makes the future look a whole lot brighter.”


Thanks to GRID and Enphase volunteers, the Trainor family will generate enough clean energy offset 44 tons of carbon emissions and eliminate 45 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. That’s the equivalent to planting 1,053 trees!


Enphase volunteers

But the Trainor family won’t just be going green, they’ll be saving green. The new 1.7kW Enphase System is expected to save the family $14, 500 over the course of its lifetime.


“Seeing the smile and the happiness of the homeowner as we worked together on the roof is a great example of the impact we have on brightening someone’s future, and how each of us can take part in changing the world,” said Farshad Samimi, Enphase employee and first time GRID volunteer.


Enphase is proud to be a part of GRID Alternative’s mission as they enrich the lives of not only those they serve, but those that volunteer with them.