MyDomino Brings Energy Concierge Service and Solar Savings to New Yorkers

Domino Energy Concierge Dan

Americans are increasingly concerned about climate change. Even The Weather Channel is taking it seriously with a new video series, The Climate 25. But as the series points out, climate change is hard to wrap your head around. Most people get overwhelmed by the issue and don’t feel they can take action.

A cleantech startup, MyDomino, is trying to change that. The company recently started a unique personal energy concierge service that makes it simple for all Americans to get off fossil fuels and save money in the process.

MyDomino launched its service in California in April and is now taking its energy concierge offering to New York State. While the company is focusing on these states in terms of in-depth research on green options and partnerships with vendors, MyDomino can help consumers in any state and already has customers around the country.

New York is a prime location for MyDomino’s expansion, given the strong support for solar there. And New Yorkers care about renewables. Currently, only 10% of New Yorkers are using renewable energy in their private lives, according to a recent poll conducted by Clarity Campaign Labs. Another 60% would like to. But most don’t know where to start – or if they can afford it.

That’s the problem facing most American consumers who want to go green. They encounter too many choices, confusing information, and possibly untrustworthy salespeople.

MyDomino cuts through that confusion. And realizing that it’s not enough to provide the information consumers need on a website, MyDomino’s concierge service gives each customer personalized advice on what will work for their home, family, and lifestyle.

MyDomino concierges aren’t salespeople and don’t work on commission. Concierges won’t try to upsell customers. Instead they help a customer determine what makes the most sense for their unique situation.

MyDomino CEO Stephen Torres notes, “For consumers, it’s this simple: One: Reserve a time for a chat with a concierge. Two: Relax and let us do the work. Three: Start saving.”

The savings come from more than just installing solar panels. Other green actions, big or small, include buying an electric car, switching to a tankless water heater, or upgrading to LED bulbs or a smart thermostat. Since most people can save more money by taking several actions together — think powering your electric car with cheap energy from the sun — MyDomino helps customers bundle their actions.

Customer David Hough in San Jose, California, notes the ease of working with the concierge service. “With MyDomino, I didn’t have to think too hard about all my options,” he says. “They pointed me to the information I needed and made it easy to take action. With very little effort on my part, I’ll be saving hundreds a month and using clean energy.”

The concierge service is free to consumers. MyDomino’s revenue comes from referral fees paid by vendors, which is cheaper for the vendors than acquiring customers in traditional ways.

MyDomino is partnering with the 100% Campaign to expand access to clean energy and efficiency. The campaign launched in June in New York City and will be rolled out in other states in the coming months. The 100% campaign is managed by The Solutions Project, a non-profit organization co-founded by the New York-based actor Mark Ruffalo.

MyDomino is also working on a financing bundle for solar and energy efficiency upgrades. This will be an important step in making clean energy accessible and affordable to 100% of Americans.