Does Wine Powered by Solar Taste That Much Sweeter?


Jackson Family Winery announces 3 MW of PV systems to be installed throughout its vineyards. Having already installed a 300 kW system at their Ramal winery, the company understands the huge benefits of going solar and projects $11 million in savings over 25 years.


Significant costs savings can be realized in the agribusiness industry by adding solar. Jackson Family Winery (JFW) saw that this should also prove true with vineyards, and has struck a deal with Solar3d, Inc.’s SUNworks division, which will install PV systems totaling up to 3 MW throughout JFW’s properties.

Last year JFW tested the proverbial solar waters and commissioned SUNworks to complete a 300 kW solar system at their newly renovated Ramal Winery in the Napa Valley. The system performed so well they decided to install an additional 3 MW throughout their other facilities, which are expected to come online November 2014.

Abe Emard, SUNworks CEO, stated, “Once completed, the installed systems will offset nearly 70% of the wineries’ electrical consumption. The projected savings over the next 25 years will be approximately $11 million.”


Julian Gervrean, JFW Senior Sustainability Manager, said, “We have been working on this project with SUNworks for quite some time. After several months of planning, it’s exciting to see it come to fruition. This is a giant step forward for us in meeting our sustainability goals.”


Mike Podnebesnyy, Vice President of SUNworks, stated, “I am proud of the unique design and installation on this project. In this case, battery storage will be implemented in conjunction with solar PV to give our customer control over their demand consumption. We believe this is the direction in which our industry is heading. SUNworks is on the leading edge of this offering and is discussing this option with our current and future customers.”