Climate Week in Full Swing as REV4NY Exchange Explores Solutions


The REV4NY Exchange continues today as a part of New York’s Climate Week. Yesterday, 350 people attended the event. The two day exchange brings together leaders from New York’s utilities, technology companies, communities, and customers. Together they search for means of advancing the state’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) strategy to bring New York to a cleaner energy state.

The event is streaming live via Green Tech Media.

REV and Solar

REV supports Governor Cuomo’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40% while generating 50% of New York’s electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030. One initiative of the REV program is growing the state’s solar industry.

NY-Sun is one program that has grown out of REV. Through this program, the state has committed $1 billion to add over 3,000 MW of solar to the state’s current capacity. One of these projects brought solar to three ski resorts in Lake Placid.

NY-Sun also sets aside funds specifically ear-marked to improve solar accessibility to low-to-moderate income customers around the state.

Another solar program sponsored by REV is K-Solar, which provides solar to New York’s schools at no up-front cost to them. Registered schools receive free site assessments and solar analysis, technical and administrative support, and expedited permitting.

Impact on the Solar Industry

GTM Research and SEIA found that in Q1 of this year, New York ranked second in installed residential solar, with 45 MW installed at the beginning of the year. In Q2, the state ranked fourth in overall installations.

REV and Climate Week

While Climate Week draws global change leaders to New York, the REV4NY Exchange encourages them to join the conversation. Participants will develop strategies to build a cleaner, more reliable and resilient grid and expand the state’s market for clean energy. It is a goal of the program to become an example for the rest of the world to follow.

“REV is an entirely new approach for New York and it has involved reshaping the state’s approach to clean energy by developing cutting-edge policies and initiatives to support the market instead of being the market,” said Audrey Zibelman, Chair of the New York State Public Service Commission. “For REV and the Governor’s vision to be successful, collaboration between utilities, third parties, communities and customers is paramount, and that is why events such as the REV4NY Exchange are so critical.”

In addition to solar,  the Exchange explores the various pieces of REV and how they all fit together to support private investment and innovation, including the NYPrize, NY Green Bank and other NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) initiatives.

“As we approach the three-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, we are working closely with utilities and other stakeholders to scale-up sustainable, long-term solutions that will advance the State toward its clean energy and greenhouse gas emissions goals,” said John Rhodes, President and CEO, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). “The REV4NY Exchange provides an open forum to develop ideas and strategies that will advance key REV goals.”