Cinemark Puts the Spotlight on Solar


In Rochester, New York, the sun is shining on the Cinemark Tinseltown Theater. In the latest phase of the partnership between Cinemark and SoCore Energy, the theater now has a rooftop solar installation.

According to Cinemark, most of the electricity in a movie theater is used to power the HVAC, projection and sound equipment, and lighting. The 315 kW of solar the Tinseltown Theater is now producing from its rooftop system will provide a significant amount of that power.

The system is expected to offset over 10 million pounds of CO2 emissions over its lifetime.

Art Justice, the Vice President of Energy and Sustainability at Cinemark, stated, “We are excited to be partnering with SoCore on this initiative…. As part of our overall sustainability plan, Cinemark is currently engaged in a 5 megawatt solar photovoltaic rollout in various markets across the country, including Rochester.”

The 1217-panel installation was designed and managed by SoCore Energy, while the construction was locally sourced, as part of an effort to support clean energy jobs in New York. Cinemark owns the system, and SoCore will operate and maintain it.

SoCore Energy president Pete Kadens adds, “We understand how important clean energy choices are for Cinemark and its moviegoers…. We are proud to combine the stability of Edison International with SoCore’s entrepreneurial spirit in order to develop ideal solar solutions for customers like Cinemark.”

In addition to its solar efforts, Cinemark’s sustainability plan also includes lighting and HVAC upgrades, as well as recycling efforts and plans to pursue LEED certification and water conservation. Through its efforts, Cinemark has certainly found its place in the sun.