California Contractor Finds Valuable Workforce in Military Veterans

Photo Credit: Ken Lund; Welcome to California, Nevada-California Border, U.S. 95

by Kelly Pickerel. Originally published on

Ambassador Energy (No. 190 on the upcoming Top 500 Solar Contractors list) isn’t the largest solar installer (21 employees and 2.2 MW installed last year), but the Murrieta, California-based residential EPC is making a big difference to some very deserving Americans. Military veterans make up the majority of Ambassador’s staff and President Kelly Smith said she couldn’t be more pleased.

“I wish we were bigger so we could help more people,” she said. “If you think about the military, you’ve got logistics, you’ve got people out there doing the hard part and working in inclement conditions—all the things that make them a really good solar installer.”

Ambassador Energy was first introduced to the high-quality workmanship of veterans through its separate NABCEP training and testing division. The company offers solar education for everyone—even competing solar contractors. The Veteran Asset (TVA), a non-profit looking to help military veterans find careers in the renewable energy sector, approached Ambassador Energy for training, and Smith said she wanted to immediately take advantage of their talents on Ambassador Energy’s own installation crew. She cites veterans’ discipline, respect and standard operating procedures (SOPs) as welcome additions to the company.

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