ATMs Save Money with Solar


Ohio-based Diebold, Inc. develops a solar-powered ATM. The machine, which runs on 70 watts of energy or less, is being used in rural areas in India. 


How many light bulbs does it take to run an ATM? With the Diebold 429 automated teller machine, the answer is less than one! This ATM, currently available in India, runs on 70 watts of energy or less. Ohio-based Diebold, Incorporated developed this machine to meet India’s requirement for an uninterrupted power supply.

Many rural areas in India face the problem of intermittent power outages. This means that they have been unable to access automated banking services. Until now. Diebold is delivering 2100 of the 429 ATMs for India’s Bank of Baroda. This will enable BoB to expand self-service banking to these areas.

Given concerns about power outages in the U.S. in the face of extreme weather events, solar-powered ATMs might be somethng to consider here as well.

The Diebold 429 uses a smart power management system to monitor the total power needed to operate the machine. This system has three power sources to draw from, the internal battery, the AC power grid, and solar. Additionally, this machine is able to dispense the same amount of money as standard ATMs for half the energy. This further reduces the need for power cooling fans and provides additional energy savings.

Frank A. Natoli Jr., executive vice president and chief innovation officer of Diebold, stated, “The 429 will serve as a platform for power consumption and energy conservation in our future ATM designs, enabling more opportunities to incorporate optional solar panels and backup batteries.”

Yet another example of how solar plays well with others.