Arizona Regulators Approve New Rates & Solar Settlement

Image courtesy of Utility Dive

The regulators’ decision to approve the solar settlement could induce a trust between two warring sectors for a time.

Along with solar investments and efficiency refunds, APS agreed to grandfather existing rooftop solar customers for 20 years. New rooftop solar customers will be paid $0.129/kWh for excess energy, and the export rate will decline 10% annually for new systems. However, customers lock in their rates for 10 years when they sign up.

APS Chairman, President and CEO Don Brandt said energy consumers “are the clear winners here.”  The revenue increase is the company’s first base rate increase in five years, allowing for an overall 3.3% boost.

“This agreement enables investment in a smarter, cleaner energy infrastructure, gives customers more choice and control through new rate options, and continues Arizona’s solar leadership,” Brandt said in a statement. “It is a needed step in creating a long-term, sustainable energy policy for our customers and the state.”…

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