American Solar Direct and Mosaic Team up for Solar Loans


American Solar Direct, a company known for their full-service solar programs, has teamed up with peer-to-peer solar lending platform Mosaic to allow prospective buyers to purchase a solar system with a zero-down loan. Solar leases have been and continue to be available from ASD, but many homeowners find a loan, and ownership, more appealing.

American Solar Direct provides the full gamut of solar purchasing needs. They verify solar compatibility with a home, design the system, process all permitting, as well as conduct the installation. They also offer maintenance services for the PV array, something that has been typical, and a huge benefit, to leasing a system. The partnership with Mosaic will bring this same comprehensive level of service to their clients with a loan, allowing ownership of the system while still getting the perks of the maintenance services.

Mosaic has been a leading name in the solar funding area, and the partnership with ASD will give many people who were not interested in leases, or outright purchase of a system, a chance to work with the all-inclusive organization. The partnership will allow an interested buyer of a PV system all of the possible methods of obtaining funding for a system.