A.C. Moore Goes Solar with Pro-Tech Energy Solutions


Crafters are some of the best stewards of the environment. They reuse and recycle many objects into their art. So it should come as no surprise that art, crafts, and floral retailer A.C. Moore is going solar with a 3.48 MW installation from Pro-Tech Energy Solutions.

The rooftop array will be installed at A.C. Moore’s distribution warehouse and headquarters in Berlin, New Jersey as part of a cost-saving and sustainable energy initiative.

“Being good stewards of the environment is a priority for our company and installing solar panels was an important step in the launch of A.C. Moore’s solar energy initiative,” said Pepe Piperno, CEO, A.C. Moore. “Leveraging solar energy is good business. It positively impacts the environment, while helping to maintain financial stability, so our company is able to deliver the best quality products, service and price to our customers.”

Pro-Tech Energy Solutions will provide a turnkey solution to A.C. Moore for all stages of the installation. The project will commence this month and is expected to be completed in the fall.

“Increasingly, companies such as A.C. Moore are turning to solar energy to help reduce their energy costs and fuel operational [in]efficiencies,” said Rich Cooper, President of Pro-Tech Energy Solutions. “Moreover, A.C. Moore can take advantage of unused corporate space to generate power on site and fuel positive financial outcomes. Rooftop installation in particular allows for a simple, spread-out configuration and is ideal for the purposes of design and cost efficiency.”

A.C. Moore is not the first retailer to realize that solar can be a great choice not only for the environment but also for the company’s bottom line. In fact, SEIA and the Vote Solar Initiative release an annual Solar Means Business report that identifies major commercial projects and ranks America’s top corporate solar users.

Just last month, 13 companies took President Obama’s American Business Act on Climate Pledge. These companies agreed to reduce their carbon emissions and invest in more clean-energy alternatives.

A.C. Moore is joining a growing list of companies determined to do the right thing for their business and the planet.