New York City installer Quixotic Systems has designed an innovative solar solution in the heart of the Bronx at Urban Health Plan’s Simpson Pavilion. Unlike most rooftop systems, the 37kW array has been installed on the side of the building.


The system comes with a monitoring system so customers can track their electricity production. TXU is offering the service in North Texas.


In kick off to national expansion of the Solar Futures program, students are installing systems on four new Habitat for Humanity homes. SunPower has committed 1 MW of solar panels and inverters to the partnership.


First SolarCity, then Panasonic claim to break efficiency records.This trend will continue to benefit solar customers by bringing prices down.


SunPower and Phelan Pinon Hills Community Services District solar project is projected to provide 50 percent of the city's electricity and save over $13 million over the next 30 years.


New solar farm pushes Riverside, California over the 20 MW mark for solar generation. The city has met this goal five years ahead of schedule.


SunPower and Meritage Homes expand their partnership. The companies are now offering a solar + storage option to 42 homebuyers at a new California community.


Latest venture between GRID Alternatives and SunPower, Solar Futures Program, provides high school students with education and training in solar.


With latest products achieving silver Cradle to Cradle certification, 75% of SunPower's line has achieved this distinction. The company has a commitment to sustainability.


Sunible is acquired by Domino, a one-stop site that makes it easy for consumers to achieve low-carbon living. This is a natural extension of Sunible's work to make solar mainstream.