In Part II of our Intersolar 2016 coverage we explore solar financing, storage, whether solar has crossed the chasm -- and let's not forget, Solar Battle of the Bands!


Utilities, equipment manufacturers, and others are working to develop energy storage using equipment already located in households to make the grid cleaner and cheaper. This was the focus of the summit Robin Roy attended, and can help accelerate the growth of solar.


As the market for solar and storage expands, the capabilities of batteries and inverters have grown as well.


The success of Tesla's battery launch can be an example for other new technologies. Learn what factors companies can copy for successful launches in their future.


All the information floating around after the Tesla battery storage announcement can make your head spin. To make sense if it, we offer a compilation of some of the best stories on the big announcement.


SunPower joins forces with Sunverge to offer solar bundled together with storage starting in early 2015. The companies plan to eventually deploy this at all levels, from residential to utility.


Pamela Cargill shares her insights from the Greentech Media U.S. Solar Market Insight conference this week. Storage is an exciting area, and other current challenges in solar also present opportunities.


Stem prepares to make the Hawaii electric grid much smarter with 1 MW of behind-the-meter energy storage, in a demonstration project with Hawaiian Electric Company.


The SUNworks division of Solar3D offers battery storage systems with its solar systems. The storage will optimize the systems for increased cost efficiency and reliability.


Suntech invests big in a U.S. energy storage company; SunPower partners with car dealers to provide solar storage and car-charging and has been piloting home solar storage projects.