A key message at Solar Power International this year: it's time for solar to grow up. An important part of that will be building a solar brand, a topic that was explored in an engaging panel discussion.


What is the solar brand? A panel of experts gave their views on this prominent theme at last week's Solar Power International.


A debate at SPI over vertical integration vs networked business models sparks an interesting conversation on the merits of both. No strong winner emerges, as these models frequently end up overlapping.


A panel of large solar customers speaks at SPI about the rise of the super solar customer. Current efforts by various companies were outlined as well as a Q&A discussing trends in the industry.


A panel at Solar Power International looks at ways to reach the residential solar customer. The first step is to understand and listen to consumers -- something many companies are not doing.


A panel at SPI 2014 discusses how smart homes may look going forward. Open platforms will allow a many devices to interconnect and run seamlessly in the background, like solar already does today.


At Solar Power International, Shayle Kann of GTM Research asks a panel how we'll know when solar is mainstream, and what it will take to get there. Our answer? When we stop asking the question.


Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz announces $53 million in new SunShot Initiative investments, to further lower the cost of solar -- critical to meeting the country's carbon reduction goals.


The opening session of Solar Power International 2014 is both celebratory and cautionary in tone -- with plenty of gambling references thrown in for color. What could be more fitting for Vegas?


As excitement builds for Solar Power International next week, Michael Bishop of OnGrid Solar provides more tips for getting the most out of it -- from booths to sessions to parties to attend.