NRDC and SolarCity publish an analysis on costs and benefits of rooftop solar energy in Nevada. The study shows net metering is benefitting all utility customers in the state, and benefits could significantly increase under good solar policies.


Roy Hales of the ECOreport looks into how the San Diego Solar Community responds to SDG&E’s appeal of California's decision to not change the net metering rate


SolarCity receives Home Depot's Environmental Partner of the Year award. SolarCity representatives are stationed in Home Depot stores to answer customer questions about solar.


First SolarCity, then Panasonic claim to break efficiency records.This trend will continue to benefit solar customers by bringing prices down.


The project includes storage at 5 of the schools. It is expected to save the district more than $520,000 within the first year of operation alone, and $35 million over the lifetime of the PPA.


The panel operates with over 22% efficiency. SolarCity will begin manufacturing the panels at a pilot plant, then at the 1 Gigawatt facility in Buffalo.


Since President Obama launched his solar initiative last summer, several programs have been focused on providing solar to renters and affordable housing residents. Last...


Partnership allows for co-branding of Viridian and Sungevity. Additionally, for every 15 installations completed, Veridian will donate one to a household in need.


SolarCity and Hawaii cooperative partner on a dispatchable system. The 52 MWh battery is expected to feed up to 13 MW of solar into the grid at peak demand evening time of 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.


After expanding into the New Hampshire market earlier this summer, SolarCity opens its first operations center in the state.