Solar Power International


A key message at Solar Power International this year: it's time for solar to grow up. An important part of that will be building a solar brand, a topic that was explored in an engaging panel discussion.


What is the solar brand? A panel of experts gave their views on this prominent theme at last week's Solar Power International.


Enphase makes several announcements at SPI, including the launch of the next-generation Envoy-S gateway, plus other components of the Enphase Energy Management System.


Vice President Joe Biden speaks at Solar Power International about the urgency of climate change and how solar can help. He supports extending the ITC and reducing oil subsidies.


At the sold-out Professional Women in Solar Panel Discussion and Reception, panelists from SunEdison, SunFunder, and the Clinton Climate initiative discuss successes and advice for women in the industry.


At Solar Power International, Outback Power announces Skybox, a hybrid energy management and storage platform that will work both on-grid and off-grid.


Series offers suggestions for hashtag marketing during solar events. Part 1 focuses on how event organizers can most effectively use hashtags.


PV Complete's new software helps reduce solar costs by integrating AutoCAD and using algorithms that optimize equipment costs. Some engineering tasks are cut from days to minutes.


At Solar Power International, Justin Barnes, an analyst with Keys, Fox & Wiedman LLP, takes a look at the future of net metering. Big changes could be in store for a number of states next year.


A debate at SPI over vertical integration vs networked business models sparks an interesting conversation on the merits of both. No strong winner emerges, as these models frequently end up overlapping.